Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Plans - Idaho for 7 weeks

It is almost time to hit the road. We will be living out of our Truck Camper this summer up in Idaho. JP is also coming up with his Camper as well. The plan will be to ride dirt bikes as much as possible and to work remotely through the summer.

No firm agenda or schedule.

We are going to head to Rigby, ID first and spend a couple of days riding trails out of Swan Valley in the Caribou Targhee National Forest.
- Palisades Ranger District MVUM
- Teton Basin Ranger District MVUM

From there we are thinking of moving up to Gold Creek lodge area in Northern Idaho and then moving south as the feeling to move motivates us to try a new area.

Gold Creek Area - Coeur d'Alene Ranger District
- Kanisku Zone MVUM Front
- Kanisku Zone MVUM Back
- Coeur d'Alene River Ranger District MVUM Front 
Coeur d'Alene River Ranger District MVUM Back 

We will be around Ketchum Idaho from June 22 through June 30th as Amber is doing a 2 day MTB Coaching clinic for a Level 3 certification so she can coach kids in Montrose in the Fall. Sean will be travelling for work June 24th through June 28th and will not be around.

Boise National Forest
We will be hitting this entire area and will camp and stage out of different areas at different times.
Lowman RD MVUM
Emmett RD West MVUM
Emmett RD East MVUM
Cascade RD East MVUM
Cascade RD West MVUM
Idaho City West MVUM
Idaho City East MVUM
- Mountain Home RD East MVUM
- Mountain Home RD West MVUM

Sawtooth National Forest
Another area with insane amounts of Single Track.
- Ketchum Ranger District MVUM
- Farfield Ranger Distrct MVUM
Minidoka Ranger District MVUM
Sawtooth NRA MVUM

Salmon-Challis National Forest.
This is the area around Stanley and is north of Ketchum.
- Challis-Yankee Fork RD MVUM (just norh of Stanley)
- Middle Fork RD MVUM
- North Fork RD MVUM

We will be updating along the way here and through Facebook.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

In 19 Days...We'll be en route to IDAHO SUMMER!

Gearing up for Idaho!!!  19 Days away!

We're optimistically thinking we will decide to make time to update the blog again, since we're planning on a long holiday vacation this summer with Whistler and Bishop's first big road trip,  year 8 privateer pro downhill mountain bike racing for Amber, lots of biking and dirt biking for Sean & Amber,  and some motorcycle racing for Sean as well...we'll see how we go :-)

I took care of my international travel early this Spring.  Last summer involved a lot of race travel, and this summer will have significantly less traveling with hopefully more time on the bike, and more time with friends and family.

                                                 Sean & Chris working on my DH bike getting it ready to roll again.

Last summer in July 2017 - Amber in Switzerland...

This Spring 2018 Croatia

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

January and February in the Desert

Winter in the desert in the middle of the country is peaceful, beautiful, and not full of people.  Sean, Bishop, Moab, and I have been spending so much time riding motorcycles and bikes in the desert that we have not been missing winter weather in Colorado at all.  We have seen very few people and some wildlife out enjoying the winter with us.
 Moab Enduro
 Moab Enduro
 Sovereign ATV trail

 Dunestone cross country mountain bike trail

 Sean in the desert.

Amber getting the wheel off the ground a bit.

December in Arizona

So a couple weeks in Arizona in December was amazing doing Wildcat and Mile Marker trails. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rampart Range SNOW & Dirt Bikes

We found an interesting bit of terrain at Rampart Range near Sedalia, Colorado, as it was full of snow as well as twists, turns, ups, and downs.  There was plenty of snow on the ground and it snowed some more as we rode through the forest over roots, rocks, and tight double track.  There were nearly no other people there most likely due to the weather and the fact that there was a Denver Broncos Football game today.  Normally, it is quite a popular place full of ATV riders blaring music.  Today it was very peaceful and enjoyable.

 Amber riding through the forest in the snow.

Sean coming up the hill after the corner.
Sean on Trail 686
Sean navigating through rocks and snow.
Sean heading up a tight corner towards another tight corner.
Sean loading up the bikes in down jacket.

Moab running around happily in the snow at the trail head.
Bishop and Moab making paw prints in the snow.

We ended the day back in the FJ toasty warm with the heater, hot coffee, hot peppermint tea, chocolate protein shake, and applesauce squeeze tubes for a quick post riding snack.  I think it would be fun to go back, but it is most likely over for this season as a riding destination.  Cheers.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Off Season Antics with KTM Motorcycles

Other than deciding that I'll be continuing to race for SPY goggles/eyewear next season, it's the off season from Downhill Mountain Bike Racing, and time for our brand new KTM MOTORCYCLES!!!!
Sunset in Meeker, CO after a day's riding.

Learning how to ride motorcycles is turning out to be challenging and fun.  I've had to figure out the clutch, the gears, the brakes, the throttle control for mini drops, the cold morning starting of the bike, and the hill start so far.  All of this has been quite exciting, and involved breaking three clutches via crashing as well as a few off trail misadventures by accidental over throttle.  It's been 6 weeks, and we have been on the dirt bikes in hard dirt pack, water, ice, sand, and snow. 

Camping out in the FJ in Fairplay, CO.
Fun trails that included single track.
water to cross

Late season, still no snow!

Waking up to blue skies in pajama pants out by Meeker
Starting the day with coffee and cereal

Everyone is enjoying these outdoor adventures, including Bishop and Moab.

Sean warming up at Wagon Wheel Trail System

Sean getting on some trails in the forest in Meeker, CO

 Sean navigating mud, roots, and a slight downhill incline

Amber crossing a river in Meeker, CO

Sean on  a little break at the top of a hill in Meeker, CO

We found some decent food at this market in the deli section.

Sean loading up the bikes on the trailer at the end of the day near Rollinsville, CO.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Whistler Vacation at the End of May to Early June

Whistler was awesome!  We rode so many fun trails!  I think early season in Whistler is actually an excellent time to be there with way less crowds and trails running fast with awesome dirt.  This is the earliest in the season that we have ever gone to Whistler, and it turned out to be a brilliant idea.  The only wish we had was to ride there more days, and enjoy more awesome food, and enjoy more hikes around Lost Lake.  I wish I could have ridden Schleyer one more day, but that would probably be the sentiment no matter how many days we were in Whistler.
 Bishop wading in Lost Lake

 One of many hikes with Bishop around the lake.

 Amber and Bishop having fun at the lake.

 Lot 1 - Never full this time of year.  We had an awesome parking spot every single day.

 Sean and Moab walking down to the river.

Sean coming around a turn in relaxed fashion.
 Nice rock/root feature down Angry Pirate.

 Part of Duffman.

 Bishop hanging around in the shade getting ready to head to the river again.

 Sean getting ready for another fun day riding bikes on the mountain.

 Sean on Funshine Rolly Drops

Bishop expressing how tired we all felt after hours of playing outside all day.